Sponsor A Puppy

There are thousands of people in the United Kingdom today who suffer from partial or total blindness. All of them will require some form of special assistance to get by in highly populated areas. When it comes to leading the blind, dogs still trump most other innovations of technology for the visually challenged. A fine guide dog is the perfect companion for any blind person. The problem, however, is that fewer than a third of the people who need these dogs actually have them, because of the associated costs. Worse still, there are no government funding for this sort of thing, so those who want guide dogs must rely on their own finances.

Sponsor Oscar, Bella or Daisy!
Sponsor Oscar, Bella or Daisy!

Fortunately, the nice people at “Sponsor a Puppy”, run by the GuideDogs charity, have taken it upon themselves to collect donations and fund the training and distribution of guide dogs to the blind. Sponsor a Puppy relies on the kindness of strangers like yourself to fund its efforts. Your assistance can be arranged according to your financial capacity, so you can give on a periodic basis, or you can help out with a single payment.

Regular donation has its privileges, in the form of some nice extras that make you feel closer to your canine ward. You will receive objects like photo albums and other exclusive items, as well as updates and pictures that help you track the growth and training of your sponsored puppy.

Just sign up at the Sponsor a Puppy website and select one of two options, a monthly direct payment or a one-time disbursement. Your donation is funnelled towards one of a number of puppies that will one day grow up to be a boon to a deserving blind individual. Since this is a donation for charitable purposes, the money you pay could be eligible for a tax deduction, if you sign up for this arrangement. You might likewise be interested in turning your benevolence into a commemoration of someone dear to you who has passed away.

You can play a significant role in the improvement of the quality of life of a visually impaired person, through your own noteworthy contribution of puppy sponsorship. We may not have the cure for blindness yet, but sponsoring a guide dog will provide those afflicted with it with a trusty friend who will always be there for them.