Sponsor A Puppy Gallery

This post was most recently updated on November 30th, 2020

We thought it’d be nice to look at the previous puppies who were available for sponsorship, as well as the current ones. 🙂

The current pups available to sponsor are Ginger, Marley and Sprout:

Sponsor Ginger, Marley Or Sprout, guide dog pups

However, those cuties weren’t the first to be offered for sponsorship, not by a long way!

Before Ginger, Marley and Sprout there were these beautiful previous puppies…

(click a link to see each trio of pups and try not to go “awww, so cute!” more than ten times! )

Cooper, Coco and Willow

Rosie, Finn and Ruby

Bailey, Cookie, Hope

Archie, Monty and Skye

Molly, Milo and Charlie

Eve, Fletcher and Spirit

Oscar, Bella and Daisy

Poppy, Harry and Alfie (2018)

Buddy, Berry and Joy (2017)

Libby, Farah and Bolt (2017)

Irvine, Hattie and Immie (2017)

Zia, Lexi and Zac (2016)

Freya, Una and Biscuit (2016)

Domino, Eddie and Fifi (2016)

Legend, Felix and Zeb (2015)

Ava, Yazim and Goldie (2015)

Hudson, Issac and Ivy (2015)

Dasher, Star and Angel (2014)

Rio, Freddie and Katy (2014)

Herbie, Callie and Gismo (2014)

Holly, Truffle and Robin

Fergie, Flint and Harley

Olivia, Scooby and Pluto

Poppy, Harry and Alfie


Here are Poppy, Alfie and Harry together in a video…

… and as individuals… 🙂

Poppy, a Labrador golden retriever cross, who loves her stuffed teddy bear toy…

Harry, a Labrador golden retriever cross, who loves his tug-of-war toy, and finding new ones…

Alfie, a black Labrador golden retriever cross, who loves his yellow chicken cuddly toy…

Buddy, Berry and Joy


Here are Buddy, Berry and Joy together….

… and as individuals… 🙂




Libby, Farah and Bolt


Here are Libby, Farah and Bolt together…

and separately…




Irvine, Hattie and Immie


Take a look at Irvine, Hattie and Immie together…

… and in their own videos…




Zia, Lexi and Zac


Here’s a video of Lexi and Zac in action with Una…

.. and individual videos…

(I can’t find a puppy video for Zia, but here she is as a young dog undergoing training at the Guide Dogs training centre…)



Freya, Una and Biscuit


Biscuit and Freya are in this video, along with Domino…

Here they are separately…




Domino, Eddie and Fifi


Domino is in the video above, with Biscuit and Freya. I can’t find a video of Eddie and Fifi with other puppies.

Here they are individually…




Legend, Felix and Zeb


Ava, Yazim and Goldie

Hudson, Issac and Ivy

Dasher, Star and Angel

Rio, Freddie and Katy

Herbie, Callie and Gismo

Holly, Truffle and Robin

Fergie, Flint and Harley

Olivia, Scooby and Pluto

Why Sponsor A Puppy?

This post was most recently updated on January 16th, 2011

Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy is one of the most rewarding ways to make charitable donations. Instead of wondering if the money you give to an overseas organisation is actually going to reach the people it was intended for, you can actually know your money will help to fund the training of new Guide Dog Puppies which will help a person with sight problems to be able to enjoy their life more and have a better quality of life.

In a really great twist, you’ll get updated (known as “pupdates”) detailing the progress of your puppy as it grows and undergoes its guide dog training. You’ll really feel that you’re playing a role in its development. You’ll even get updates about the newly trained guide dog joining its new owner and helping them navigate their environment. You’ll also get a calendar and photos of the puppy’s progress.

All of the above can be gained from a donation by direct debit of just £5 per month via the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity here in the UK.

Sponsoring Puppies To Become Guide Dogs

This post was most recently updated on June 28th, 2018

Are you looking to make a difference to someone’s life but don’t know how? Then why not take a look at guide dog puppy sponsorship, a fantastic way to pay for a guide dog’s intensive training? It takes almost 24 months of training and a small fortune in expenses in order to be able to fully train a guide dog puppy. Therefore, by choosing to sponsor one, you’ll be doing a great service to the more than 10,000 blind people in the UK currently without a guide dog.

Anyone can sponsor a puppy by providing their personal details and spending 5 pounds a month by direct debit, or as much as they can afford to give. After you have chosen the puppy you want to sponsor, your monthly donations will contribute to its training program, where it will learn all the skills it needs to be a successful guide dog.

Your puppy sponsorship will be a truly worthwhile experience, as you’ll be able to receive regular ‘pupdates’ on the progress he/she is making with training, as well as photos every few months so you can see how your puppy grows. In return for your first donation, you’ll receive a free set of gifts that will convince you of the charity you are performing, with gifts including photos and an album for you to keep all your puppy photos in, a calendar, a puppy sponsor’s certificate and more. Sadly, you won’t be able to actually meet your puppy in real life, as it will be far too busy with it’s day to day training to have time to receive visitors. However, you will be kept up to date about your puppy’s progress with the monthly ’pupdates’.

By the time the 24 month training period has ended, you’ll have grown to be very attached to your puppy we are sure, and upon its graduation you’ll get to find out who the lucky receiver of a newly qualified guide dog is going to be. Feel great about yourself and do a really good service to someone in need, as your puppy will give a blind person the freedom and independence they crave.

An arm of the Guide Dogs for Blind People Association, Sponsor a Puppy is a non-profit making organization. They do a wonderful service for the many needy blind people in the UK, and with your help they can continue doing so. If you want to help sponsor a guide dog puppy, follow this link for more information. Make a monthly donation to start training a guide dog puppy now, or if you can’t commit to that, you can still make a small, one off payment. You can pay using most methods of online payment, including Paypal, direct debit or credit card. Don’t delay, sign up now and select the puppy you wish to sponsor. Sponsoring a guide dog puppy is a fantastic way to fund the vital training of guide dogs, and rewards donors almost as much as the blind people who will eventually receive the guide dog.