Do Charities Still Raise Money By Collecting Used Stamps?

Do Charities Still Raise Money By Collecting Used Stamps?

I saw this question on Twitter recently and thought it was interesting. Do charities still raise funds by collecting used stamps?

While I knew that charities used to collect stamps to raise money, I assumed the practice had long since ceased. But I was wrong! Apparently, charities earn about £20 per kilogram of stamps they collect. I’ve also read that the £20 is for foreign stamps and UK stamps are only worth £12 per kilo. I guess someone sorts all the stamps and collectors pay for rare ones…?

In a few quick Twitter replies, it turns out that the Guide Dogs no longer raise funds via stamp collecting, but these charities do…

The RNIB. See this web page for details, and their appeal poster, here. You can request a pre-paid collection envelope or box online, or by calling their Helpline on 0303 123 9999. Simply clip the stamps and separate them into foreign and British if possible, then post the envelope or box back to them.

The Dogs Trust also collect them. They can be sent to their head office at: “Stamp Appeal, Dogs Trust, 17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7RQ”.

The RNLI also collect stamps. They can be sent to: “RNLI, West Quay Road, Poole, BH15 1HZ”.

Cats Protection say to contact your local branch to find out if they collect stamps. Find your local branch using your postcode online, here.

It appears that many charities still fundraise in this way, so please consider clipping stamps from envelopes you receive at home, or possibly putting a stamp collection box in your place of work. Contact your favourite charity to see if they want them. If not, there are lots of charities who do!